Welcome to Dr. Margaret’s Child Psychology Clinic that was established in Cork in 2008 and since then supports unique needs of children, adolescents and their parents in a warm, safe and non-judgmental environment.

  • Play Therapy:  (ages 4-12 years) for children who struggle with: aggressive behaviour, regulation difficulties, bereavement/loss, anxiety, bullying, poor social skills, parental separation, self confidence issues, eating, sleeping  difficulties and developmental delays or disorders;

  • School-age Children: social difficulties, difficult behaviours such as disobedience and aggression, ADHD, learning and attention problems, emotional problems such as anxiety and fears, family breakdown issues and relationships at home and at school,

  • Adolescents: anxieties, worries, depression, low self-esteem, peer and family relationship problems.

  • Adult Assessments: we provide educational and clinical assessments for adults.

  • Family and Parenting Support.

  • Social Work Assessments and reports (Section 32 + Section 27).