About Dr. Margaret...

Hello! I am glad you found me and that you want to find out more about me and the clinic that I have opened in July 2008, where I work with children, young people up to 18 years old and their families, providing clinical assessment, consultations, intervention and therapy.


Some of the problems that I work with and have special interest in include:


  • Pre-school Children: eating, sleeping & toileting difficulties, separation problems and developmental delays or disorders;


  • School-age Children: social difficulties, difficult behaviours such as disobedience and aggression, ADHD, learning and attention problems, emotional problems such as anxiety and fears, family breakdown issues and relationships at home and at school,


  • Adolescents: anxieties, worries, depression, low self-esteem, peer and family relationship problems.


I provide individual therapy sessions for older, highly verbal children and adolescents.

I frequently combine individual sessions with children and younger adolescents with parent or family sessions so that gains made in therapy can be transferred into child's home and school environments.

In my career, I have provided psychological services to children and adolescents within a variety of mental health settings and across a wide spectrum of clinical issues. I have graduated in 2003 from the University of Opole, Poland, where I have completed my Master’s degree in Psychology.

During my training and clinical specialization I have been working in The Provincial Specialist Neuropsychiatry Unit in Opole in the Division of Psychiatry of Children and Youths; The Youths Educational Centre and The Foundation of Family Rehabilitation Home for Children with Cerebral Palsy, where I was responsible for diagnosis and therapy of children with developmental/psychiatric disorders and emotional/behavioral/social difficulties, early developmental stimulation, parental therapy and therapeutic staff support.


After moving to Ireland in 2005 I have verified my qualifications and, after officially becoming The Registered Clinical Psychologist of The Psychological Society of Ireland, I have opened a private practice.


I am sensitive to and respectful of my clients' culture, lifestyle, and beliefs. I regard my clients with the respect and honor that is always appropriate for someone discussing and working on difficult topics.


In addition, I strive to make the therapeutic environment a place where clients feel safe and secure; where they feel free to express and explore difficult issues; and where they can begin to try out new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

I maintain a private practice dedicated to providing high quality compassionate psychotherapy for teens and smaller children. My therapeutic approach is integrative, which means that it is tailored to client’s unique personality and situation. I work with my clients to develop individualized treatment programs, which include empirically validated treatment methods and interventions that have been shown to reduce and manage specific target difficulties.


If you have any questions about my private professional services, please do not hesitate to contact me.